The duo is originally from West Texas. Vasquez attended barber school in El Paso, and Morales was splitting time between Midland and Austin before opening the shop. The downtown was attractive because there are a lot of things happening and the area is continuing to grow. Vasquez called downtown the heart of Midland. Morales added, “it doesn’t really feel like Midland in a way.”

Vasquez first started working in a barbershop — as a boot shine boy — during his freshman year in high school. He started barbering two years ago.

“My freshman year in high school (2015), our house burned down and a good friend of ours, Esau Ramirez, kind of gave me a shot at as a boot shine boy,” Vasquez said. “In my toughest time, our community was there for me. Now, later on being able to go full circle and give back to the community has been great.”

Morales started barbering three years ago. He also knows Ramirez from Buena Suerte Barbershop. It was Ramirez, he said, who took him under his wing after he graduated from barber school to show him the ropes of a barbershop. 

The name Apollo came from three things tied to the Greek god’s name — victory, prophecy and light. 

“In a way barbering is more than just a haircut,” Vasquez said. “Whenever clients come in, we’re building relationships with them and in a way we are talking about life and prophecy. We are helping each other be more victorious in life with something as simple as a haircut.”

The barbershop opening has been the talk of the building. 

“We’re the new kids on the block and it’s been energizing seeing that excitement about opening a barbershop downtown,” Morales said. 

They are offering haircuts from gentlemen style cuts to razor fades, beard sculpting and facials. They do hot towels on clients’ beards and carry an Austin beard line. The shop also has shirts available for sale. 

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Eva Mendes is saying goodbye to 2022 with a fashionable new hairdo!

The actress, 48, switched up her golden brown locks for a vibrant red hair color to wrap up her year. She explained in the caption of a closeup Instagram snap on Tuesday: “Mira esto! I went red.”

The mom-of-two has rocked her hair in different shades of brown throughout her career but began experimenting with a blonder shade in the summer. With only a few days shy of the new year, she shared an Instagram video modeling her hair and reflected on the holiday season.

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“Whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate, if you’re with friends and family or flying solo , I’m sending you loads of love during this time,” she wrote in the video’s caption. “I know how hard it can be for some.Don’t let Instagram trick you -we’re all dealing with our own sh*t. Some more extreme, of course, but we’re all in this madness together. ♥️”

In the video, Mendes massages her hand through her hair in front of a Christmas tree filled with multicolored lights and yellow ornaments as the holiday song “Carol of the Bells” plays in the background.

She continued in the caption: “For me personally, I don’t care much for acting “merry” or “happy ” -as long as I stay grateful I’ll let myself feel all the feels that come up. I won’t torture others with them but I won’t hide them either. ♥️

She wrapped up by adding, “Oh , I went red,” referencing her fresh hairstyle and giving credit to her hairstylist Richi Grisillo.

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Last month, she showed off her style on Instagram by putting her wrist tattoo on display.

In a photo shared on her Instagram page, Mendes is seen covering her face with her wrist, inked with the words “de Gosling.” In Hispanic culture, the use of “de” or “of” unifies the woman’s last name with her husband’s after marriage, meaning the star’s tattoo could be indicative of a “Mrs. Gosling” title.

The entrepreneur has been famously private when it comes to her 11-year long relationship with actor Ryan Gosling, 42. In an Instagram photo shared in September, she subtly displayed the sentimental tattoo while showing off a field of flowers.

The couple are parents to daughters Esmeralda Amada, 8, and Amada Lee, 6.

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